Robert A. Good, MD, PhD, DSc, FACP - The Father of Modern Immunology.  1922-2003
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Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center
Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center


Harvard Medical School to Establish Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center

The Harvard Medical School announced its intention to establish the Jeffrey Modell Center for Immunology on the Medical School campus. The new building, solely dedicated to immunology, will serve as the focal point for the most dynamic and diverse community of immunologists in the world. It is a unique endeavor the first of its kind. The Center will include new facilities for: teaching; lecture programs; receptions; seminars; conference rooms; study areas; lounge and new office space for Immunology faculty.

The Center will also house the Robert A. Good Library, a tribute to one of the most important immunologists of the past half-century. It is anticipated that the newly constructed facility will open in late 2006, or early 2007.


Groundbreaking of Jeffrey Moddell
Immunology Center on the Quad
of Harved Medical School

Vicki Modell, Dean Joseph Martin, Fred Modell at the Groundbreaking of the new Immunology Center
Vicki Modell, Dean Joseph Martin, Fred Modell

Harvard Medical School held a September groundbreaking ceremony for the Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center on the Quad, which will provide a base for faculty and students across HMS who are working in the field. The total project cost is $4.7 million, being raised through gifts from faculty, friends, family, several corporations, and a matching grant from the Jeffrey Modell Foundation. The new center recognizes the legacy of clinician-researchers Fred Rosen, former president of the CBR Institute for Biomedical Research, and Robert Good, considered by many the founder of modern immunology. Shown at the event are (from left) Vicki Modell, HMS dean Joseph Martin, and Fred Modell. The Modells established the foundation in memory of their son.


The Robert A. Good Immunology Society

The Robert A. Good Immunology Society has been formed. Contacts:

Dr. Noorbibi Day-Good


Jeffery Modell Immunology and Graduate Student Project at Harvard Medical School

Jeffrey Modell was a child with an underlying condition known as Primary Immunodeficiency (PI). He was often, as we hope to see all children, happy and healthy, enjoying life with family and friends. These normal times contrasted sharply with recurrent battles against high fevers, sinusitis and other infections, straining periods of good health with the ever-present threat of sudden illness. His story is about living with Primary Immunodeficiency.
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