Robert A. Good, MD, PhD, DSc, FACP - The Father of Modern Immunology.  1922-2003 
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Time Magazine: Dr. Robert A. Good Toward the Cure of CancerTime Magazine Article March 19, 1973

"Good is the foremost student, practitioner, and advocate of immunology in the U.S. today. His own research, most of it carried out at the University of Minnesota, has been responsible for much of medicine’s current knowledge about how the immune system functions. His writings have helped spread the word about the new science,…”

“Good and his co-workers have observed a high correlation between cancer and the so-called immunodeficiency disease, which leave their victims unable to resist infection. They speculate that eventually it will be found that all cancer patients suffer from some impairment of their ability to resist disease, ‘in order for cancer to occur and persist, there must be a failure of the immunological process,’ says Good. ‘We’ve never found a cancer patient in whom something wasn’t screwed up immunologically’

“Good is convinced that good research starts at the bedside rather than in the laboratory…"

“As a swimmer in an ocean of organisms, man must have a means of identifying and resisting the ones that can harm or kill him”

“Presented by Good and his group, in the mid-60’s, the ‘two component’ theory became the foundation of modern immunology”

“Understanding the immune system will enable us to do far more than treat allergies or immunodeficiency diseases, or to control cancer .It will enable us to understand the basic processes of life”
TIME Photo Printed with permission

Time Magazine: Dr. Robert A. Good Toward the Cure of Cancer
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