Robert A. Good, MD, PhD, DSc, FACP - The Father of Modern Immunology.  1922-2003
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Founded 2005

200 Second Avenue South, Suite 403 St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

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Officers Councilors Founding Committee
Mark Ballow, MD
Past President
Thomas Fleisher, MD
Mia Sordillo, MD, PhD

Noorbibi Day-Good, PhD

Raif Geha, M.D
John Kersey, MD
Ray Peterson, MD
Yair Reisner, PhD
E. Donnall Thomas, MD, PhD
Thomas E. Starzl, MD, PhD
Alain Bernard, MD, PhD
Noorbibi Day-Good, PhD
Alain Fischer, MD, PhD
Tom Fleisher, MD
Susuma Ikehara, MD, PhD
Fred Modell
Vicki Modell
David Nelson, MD
Hans Ochs, MD
Kazunori Onoe, MD, PhD
Savita Pahwa, MD
Chris Platsoucas, PhD



Active Member: Annual Dues 2010 $75.00

Associate Member (students, residents and fellows): Annual Dues 2010 $15.00


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Robert A. Good Immunology Society
200 Second Avenue South, Suite 403
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701